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Water–infiltration reduction membrane for inverted roofs


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Kingspan Aquazone® is a high performance non-woven polyethylene membrane. It is suitable for use on inverted roofs finished with gravel ballast, green roof systems and concrete pavers on appropriate supports.

Kingspan Aquazone® can be installed over Kingspan Styrozone insulation on inverted roofs. It can dramatically minimise the cooling effect associated with rainwater flowing down through the insulation and draining away. It can significantly reduce the insulation thicknesses required to achieve specified U–values.

Kingspan Aquazone® should be loose-laid over the insulation. Where one run of membrane overlaps another, there should be minimum 300 mm side and end laps. Upper layers of the membrane should be laid over lower layers to ensure water penetration is minimised. At junctions, e.g. upstands, parapets and penetrations, Kingspan Aquazone® should be turned up to finish above the surface of the ballast layer. Kingspan Aquazone® should be star-cut and dressed down at drainage outlets. Kingspan Aquazone® should be turned up at the edges of the roof insulation and sealed under the flashing. Kingspan Insulation recommends that roofs be designed such that they avoid standing water.


Water vapour transmission 0.01 Sd
Roll length 100 m
Roll width 3 m
Thickness 0.17 mm
Weight 0.06 Kg/m2
Weight per roll 20 Kg