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Building Regulations and Standards

Complying with the regulations is a vital part of your build

The requirements for the conservation of fuel and power, which includes thermal insulation, in buildings in Ireland are detailed in Approved Documents TB F1, TB F2, TGD Dwellings and TGD Buildings other than Dwellings. In the sections below you will find:

  • Details about the content of the new Approved Documents
  • The effects it will have on methods of roof, wall and floor construction
  • Thicknesses of Kingspan Insulation products required to achieve the new standards
  • Thicknesses of other commonly used insulants are shown for comparison
Please click on the links below for the documents:


TB F1 Republic of Ireland
Building Regulations - TB F1 Republic of Ireland
TB F2 Buildings other than Dwellings NI
TGD Dwellings Republic of Ireland
TGD Buildings Other Than Dwellings Republic of Ireland